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31.10.2023, 12:30

Navigating the Best Dog Walking Apps of 2023

Dog owners are increasingly adopting pet-friendly apps for dog walking, leading to a surge in pet ownership and app platforms. The demand for dog walkers is expected to grow through 2023 due to stable labourr markets and increased working hours.

Dog walking mobile application development consulting services industry was worth $1.1 billion in 2021. It was up 1,2% year over year. Pet owners collectively spend over $60 billion each year on goods and services related to their four-legged companions, as they treat them like members of their own families.

On-Demand Dog Walker App: A Brief Overview

The American Pet Product Association reports in another survey that Americans spent $23,4 billion annually feeding their dog food. Over $15,73 billion on veterinarian care services was spent and $14,39 billion for supplies and OTC medication as well. $5.24 billion was spent on grooming/boarding services combined and 2.19 billion on purchasing pets, specifically dogs as household companions. Total spending totaling $57.39 billion! These staggering amounts show just how devoted US households are towards pets, especially canines!

As per iOS app development companies, blogs dedicated to dogs and cats have rapidly increased in popularity over time. Unfortunately, however, working hours and other obligations often stand between pet parents and their beloved creatures.

On-demand dog-walking app platforms have come at the perfect moment and people have taken notice. People love these apps for many reasons. This includes saving both time and effort.

On-Demand Dog-Walking App: Why Do We Need

Although it’s impossible to outsource every task for your pet’s care, one essential task can be outsourced: walking them. As per an Android application development company, there are now on-demand dog walking services which take exceptional care when taking dogs for walks. People today can put their beloved canines into the expertly caring hands of these on-demand service attendants, who treat your furry family like their own!

Dog Walking App Features

Let’s go over what features make up effective dog walker apps:

  • GPS Tracking.

  • Review/Rating.

  • Social Media Sign-in-app.

  • Payment Find a Dog Walker.

Monetization Opportunities Associated with the On-Demand Dog Walker App

Most dog walker marketplaces rely on service aggregator platforms as an effective business model. We will explore several of them here.

eCommerce Integration. As per a custom Android app development services expert, eCommerce integration simply refers to connecting e-commerce software with other software solutions. This includes CRM and ERP in an automated fashion to create a channel of back-and-forth flow of sales offers.

Commissions. Commission revenue models can be equally successful on new and established platforms alike. A commission revenue model draws in significant portions of each transaction completed directly on its official website.

Advertisement Selling. Another easy and straightforward approach for monetizing an application is through advertising to users who visit it, either directly or through paid partnerships with various dog food and toy providers in the market.

Best Dog Walking Apps

Below are a few of the best dog-walking apps that can help you get a proper understanding. Take a look.

  • Wag.

  • Rover.

  • Barkly Pets.

As per a custom iOS app development services expert, the above apps can help you out. You get clarity about how to move ahead and then make a decision.

Required Tech Stack for Dog Walking App Development

React Native App Development often offers enhanced performance as well as access to the hardware features of the devices themselves. When it comes to payment processing, payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal and Braintree provide secure and seamless transactions.

Real-time communication features like chat, video calls and notifications can be implemented using technologies such as Firebase WebRTC or Pusher for real-time features like chat.

Cross-platform app Development is cost-effective while offering quicker development and deployment, providing faster results at reduced expense.

Selecting an ideal technology stack depends on several considerations such as app requirements, budget and development team expertise. As per the custom mobile app development company, select a tech stack which meets these criteria to maximize market success for your app.

Final Thoughts

Dog walking apps can be amazing when created following all applicable guidelines. Dog-walking apps provide owners with a way to enjoy life with their pups without overstressing themselves over their pets. Therefore, now more than ever is an opportune moment to create one with the help of an established dog-walking app development company.

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